I know what it's like too ...

Stress is a killer.
There's no doubt about that fact.

My partner suffered a heart attack which took him from me suddenly with no warning. My world was ripped from me. This photograph was at our engagement party.    Shortly before  he had a health screening and all tests were fine
.... so why.  

I travelled east and later west over the following  3  years seeking answers. I found no clarity. Nothing resonated until I was introduced to HeartMath Institute in California. The work they shared with me there and later in London, when I trained to become a coach practitioner, answered my questions and much more.

Since then my questioning has not ceased.  I realised this path was for me to share with others and help where and how I could. I have made it my quest.

I now help 'one on one' and in small groups to alleviate this suffering.