The vast majority of people in the western world live every day in a state of chronic stress.

Today I really want to talk to you about stress. 

There are statistics that I could talk to you about are high and scary. But those are simply figures 'out there' and what we are all feeling when we are gripped with stress is 'in here' - inside of us. The incidents of stress are managed by the limbic system and it serves us well.

Its purpose is to increase Adrenaline and generate Cortisol, both hormones. When you want super human strength. It diverts all the blood to the area of the body that needs that power. 

Today our lives operate at level of insidious stress in our general environment. What I mean by this is that we are bombarded from the moment that we become aware of being awake in the morning until the time when we switch into deep asleep at the end of our day.

- The alarm sets your heart racing 

- The radio repeats advertising telling you are in financial lack...

- Your son tells you his school shoes don't fit any longer and cant he have the new brand of trainers 

- Then you down a cup of coffee and run for the train 

- You turn on your head headphones and go into a dozie state where the subliminal messages on the podcast or radio are loving this open receptive state of mind where the stickness is so much more heightened than when you are alert. 

- You see the same messages of advertising on the bus or metro/tube and the same billboards. 

- You turn on Facebook or Insta and and other social, now not for the first time today and more messages are entering your subconscious. 

And you havnt even got to work yet, where the emails, the boss, the customers, the co-workers and the large workpile are burdens, than you gripe at the coffee machine about ... frankly..anything....

l need you to understand these bombardments are so that you can start to choose on your quiet days what YOU LET IN.  Some of these you can control, some of these you can't.

To move forward this same wonderful autonomic nervous system that has become "stressed" almost to a breaking point needs you to recalibrate.

With heart 


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